Anadiag residue studies GLP

Residue Studies


ANADIAG has more than 25 years experience in managing residue studies, from designing the protocol to final report writing. A European network of field stations carries out a full range of supervised trials under GLP conditions.


GLP Field Residue Trials

  • Strong experience in conducting multi-sites studies (Field - Processing - Analyses)
  • Centralized study management (study direction, quality assurance, test item and sample management, SOPs)
  • European distribution of trials through GLP Anadiag Facilities or long-term GLP partners

GLP field residue trial 


Residues analysis

Residue Analysis

A team of scientists (PhD, Engineers, Technicians) analyses more than 6000 samples per year in our laboratory located in Haguenau (France).
Multi-residue methods, specific methods & common moiety methods are implemented.
ANADIAG carries out method development and method validation on all matrices (crops, animal matrices, water, soil, air, …).


Frozen sample shipment under GLP

A logistic solution dedicated to our clients has been developed under GLP with our own freezer truck to optimize:

  • Shipment time
  • Temperature control
  • Traceability
  • Secure sample delivery

Large frozen storage capacity on site ensures good condition of samples before analysis and allows conducting frozen stability studies.

Residue processing


We carry out food processing studies under semi-industrial conditions and according to EPPO Guidelines.

  • Grapes (wine, juice, raisins)
  • Pome & Stone fruits (juice, nectar, puree, baby food, jam, canned fruits)
  • Tomato (puree, juice, ketchup)
  • Citrus (juice, marmalade, canned fruits)
  • Olive (oil, canned olives)
  • Alfalfa, Tobacco, Hops, … (drying)
  • Cereals (milling, bread making, pot barley)
  • Potato (French fries, chips)
  • Cabbage (fermented)
This is a non-exhaustive list of different processing that we can carry out.


Project Management

We offer trials, data & analysis monitoring and coordination services through our EU Project Manager Team. This ensures your project coordination from the protocol design to the reports.

The dedicated Project Manager will:

  • Provide you frequent updates on the study progress
  • Forward interim results
  • Oversee the completion of your specific requests


Quality Assurance

GLP compliant since 1992, our Quality Assurance Unit ensures conformity with all company and regulatory requirements.

Quality Management in each country: To support our QAU, we have local QA staff ensuring QA inspections in the different European countries and facilitate relationship with local authorities.

Multi-sites studies knowledge: A special skill of our Team is to be able to offer multi-site studies all over Europe. At all steps, the study will be properly inspected (from Study Plan to Final Report, including the appropriate critical phases).