Anadiag processing studies

Processing Studies & Taint Tests

  ANADIAG has developed in-house expertise in processing of crops under semi-industrial conditions in compliance with GLP and GEP requirements. To complete our range of biological and residue study services (field trials – analysis – study management – processing – sample shipment and storage), we have recently developed our taint tests offer as well.  

ServicesProcessing studies, Taint tests

  • Studies managed and monitored by our Process & Taint test expert
  • Dedicated food processing laboratory (GLP compliant) and taint testing room
  • Dedicated study director or project manager to define the protocol and follow the study
  • GLP quality assurance through our QA unit
  • In-house sample shipping and storage under controlled conditions
  • In-house trained and officially recognized panel of assessors


Processing and Taint tests

Our experienced team is able to perform a wide range of processing studies. These studies fulfill requirements of OECD, EPPO, CEB and AFNOR guidelines and allow the calculation of processing and transfer factors.

  • Balance studies
  • Follow-up studies

Taint Testing
Triangular tests after processing are made according to AFNOR standards (ISO 4120) on wine and on any processed final products, as well as on fresh products. An in-house officially trained and recognized panel of assessors ensures our service quality.


Technical capacitiesType of processing

  • Adjustment of water content
  • Cooking
  • Drying
  • Extraction and Refinement of oils
  • Fermentation (cabbage, grapes …)
  • Frying
  • Homogenisation and Stabilisation
  • Juice extraction (hydraulic pressing)
  • Milling and baking
  • Malting
  • Pasteurisation
  • Preservation and sterilisation (canning)
  • Steaming
  • Shock freezing
  • Vacuum concentration


Type of processing

Crops Processing
Cabbage fermentation
Cereals baking, milling, pot barley
Citrus canned fruit, juice, marmalade
Grapes wine, juice, raisins
Oilseed rape oil
Olives crude oil, refined oil, pickled olives
Pome fruits, Stone fruits canned fruits, baby food, jam, juice, purée, nectar
Potato cooked potatoes, crisps, French fries, purée
Tobacco, Hops, Alfalfa drying
Tomato canned fruit, dried fruit, juice, ketchup, paste
Vegetables baby food, canned vegetables, deep frozen vegetables, juice, dried vegetables
This is a non-exhaustive list of different processing that we can carry out.