Anadiag processing studies

Exposure studies

  ANADIAG has developed a full-service package for the monitoring and management of exposure studies with full GLP accreditation. A dedicated team, with extensive experience in designing and conducting exposure assessment evaluations of operators and bystanders, has been set up.  

Type of studies

Following the OECD /GD(97)148 Guideline:

  • Operator exposure
  • Worker re-entry exposure
  • Bystander and resident exposure

Following EPA Part B Guideline 875.2100 and HS-1600 Guidance:

  • DFR (Dislodgeable Foliar Residue)

Our offer:

Study management

  • Overall project management (field, lab, logistics, etc.)
  • Study plan design (in collaboration with sponsor and regulatory experts)
  • Field notebook preparation

Field phase

  • Selection and evaluation of suitable test sites, operators or volunteers
  • Application equipment selection
  • Field team with trained technicians (monitoring, sampling, etc.)
  • Field and transit fortifications
  • DFR sampling and dislodging technology


  • Test item and sample shipping
  • On-site Anadiag freezer truck (shipping throughout Europe)
  • Sample storage (in-house 160 m² deep-freeze room)

Analytical phase

  • Method development and validation
  • Sample analysis (fully equipped, state-of-the-art laboratory)


  • Data compilation and interpretation
  • Photographic documentation
  • Field and analytical reports (with statistical evaluation)

Your project assets

In-house European field network and technicians
Our European Field Network (60 field experimentation stations), experienced project managers and technicians allow us to conduct your studies in the best suitable locations. In addition, our skills in organising such studies enable us to conduct operations in countries where no GLP structures are available (e.g. OPEX studies in tropical environments).

Extensive experience in study management and quality assurance
Our team has experience in leading a wide range of study types under GLP. The knowledge acquired through our 25 years experience in conducting studies at the European level ensures that your project will be led by experts.

Flexible organisation
You can choose our global in-house solutions and benefit from the all-inclusive offer or use only one or several of ANADIAG's services (study management, transport, field experimentation stations, laboratory, QA, etc.) to lead your project.