Anadiag Efficacy Studies GEP

ANADIAG’s GEP European Field Network is able to provide a coordinated technical service in order to generate harmonized efficacy registration data packages. With one of the largest experimental network with more than 55 GEP field stations spread all over Europe, we are able to perform all kind of efficacy and crop safety studies on every type of crops across a wide range of agro-climatic and cropping conditions.

Our experienced team of agronomists, supported by local technical experts, will guide you in designing consistent trial programs matching the European requirements (Regulation EC 1107/2009) for PPP registration.

We establish pan EU trials program in cross combination with Tox and Ecotox Tir requirements ; select key crops to be targeted ; perform market studies ; select zonal Rapporteur Member State and assure conformity of trial programs with BAD requirements.


GEP Efficacy trialsGEP Efficacy Trials

  • Efficacy
  • Selectivity
  • Carry over trials
  • Crop failure trials
  • Evaluation of adverse effects on beneficials
  • Demonstration trials

The GEP Trials are performed on all types of crops and all types of products.
ANADIAG performs more than 2000 trials per year.


Project Management

We offer trials, data & analysis monitoring and coordination services through our EU Project Manager Team. This ensures your project coordination from the protocol design to the reports.

A dedicated Project Manager for:
Efficacy project management


Efficacy processing


We carry out food processing studies under semi-industrial conditions and according to EPPO Guidelines.

  • Grapes (wine, juice, raisins)
  • Pome & Stone fruits (juice, nectar, puree, baby food, jam, canned fruits)
  • Tomato (puree, juice, ketchup)
  • Citrus (juice, marmalade, canned fruits)
  • Olive (oil, canned olives)
  • Alfalfa, Tobacco, Hops, … (drying)
  • Cereals (milling, bread making, pot barley)
  • Potato (French fries, chips)
  • Cabbage (fermented)

This is a non-exhaustive list of different processing that we can carry out.


Taint Testing

Triangular tests after processing made according to EPPO Guidelins and ISO 4120 (AFNOR Standard).





ANADIAG provides a full range of services for the preparation of high quality Biological Assessment Dossiers and dRR section 7 summaries. Our experienced team of agronomists supported by regulatory experts offers valuable advices and wise approaches to address biological efficacy, crop safety, yield and quality requirements.


Before the BAD Preparation

ANADIAG offers initial project services to optimize the use of your data packages and anticipate authorities’ requests.

Data gap analysis and trial usability
Advices on additional data to generate
Define a bridging, extrapolation or argumentation approach
Monitoring of new trials if required


BAD Preparation at ANADIAG

The Overview
A detailed appreciation of the key agronomic parameters of each supported use combined with an advanced product understanding is conducted to draft realistic assessments and conclusions.

Efficacy Data: Tools and approaches developed
The Minimum effective dose and level of efficacy Versus standard reference(s) are addressed through a 2 steps approach:

  • Firstly: an accurate description of the individual trial results is conducted in order to prepare and justify the possible data groupings
  • Secondly: relevant data groupings are performed and analyzed through a robust statistical approach (Meta-analysis).

The Meta-analysis performed on the grouped data is used to detect any global difference (dose response, level of efficacy, etc.) at the zonal level.

These Meta-analysis of the grouped data supply a detailed understanding of the PPP efficacy function of the infestation level, trial location, soil type, or any other relevant parameter.
Additionally, the graphical representations of the results using box plots insure a quick and easy access to the main results and conclusions.


Concise summary & other adaptations in local languages

dRR concise summaries are prepared for each BAD to fulfill the authorities requirements under the zonal evaluation.
Additionally we are able to handle any other adaptation of the dossiers (e.g. translations in local languages, preparation/translation of draft labels, etc…).


Range of Experience

ANADIAG through the preparation of numerous dossiers is your best partner to deliver high quality BADs to support registration of all types of products.

Our experience allows us to provide high quality BADs for:

  • Herbicides
  • Fungicides
  • Insecticides
  • Plant Growth Regulators
  • Fumigants
  • Bio-Pesticides & Bio-Stimulants


Our Guarantees

We ensure you:

  • Strong agronomic expertise
  • Persuasive data presentation approach including graphical representation & statistical analysis
  • Convincing presentation of PPP biological properties & strengths
  • Complete adequacy to authorities’ requirements (National & Zonal)