Anadiag processing studies

Natural products & Biocontrol

  ANADIAG has now more than 15 years’ experience in monitoring and management of natural product registration studies. Each compound brings its own challenges. Through our expertise in plant protection products and our registration competence we are able to lead your project to success!  

Our offer

  • Project Management
    Project monitoring, feasibility, cost estimation
  • Physical & Chemical studies
    Active ingredient and product physical & chemical properties determination

  • Field & Semi-field efficacy studies
    Define the product use instructions, label requirements and all the data needed to build up your Biological Assessment Dossier.

  • Efficacy screening

  • Processing & Taint tests studies

  • Regulatory services & Advice
    Our team is familiar with the 1107/2009, 2009/128/EC regulations therefore we can provide you all the regulatory support you need
    - Biological Assessment Dossier 
    - Data gap analysis
    - Dossier preparation, submission and follow-up

  • Marketing services
    To support your product launch, help define your marketing and sales strategy, but also to handle multi-countries demonstration trials programs.

Your project assets

  • European Field Station Network (GEP & GLP)
    More than 60 field experimentation stations in all the key growing regions across Europe covering all the Regulatory zones.

  • Local experts
    Experienced local agronomists with a deep knowledge of crops and pests; able to conduct difficult and unusual trials.

  • European Project Managers
    Our trained team defines customized protocols, coordinates and follows your trials, writes reports and can also give you all the technical support and answers if necessary.

  • Officials
    Thanks to our experience, we have an extensive network with many links with the officials in the main EU countries.
    Multicultural team allows us to use mother languages when communicating with the authorities or test institutes.

Experience in Natural Products

  • Biocontrol agents
    - Macro-organisms
    - Micro-organisms
    - Plant extracts
    - Baculoviruses

  • Biostimulants

  • Fertilizers