Anadiag processing studies

Honey and bumble bee studies

  ANADIAG is performing different studies in laboratory, semi-field and field conditions to evaluate the toxic effects of plants protection products to bees (Apis mellifera) according to current the OECD, EPPO/OEPP Guidelines and EFSA’s definitions.  

Our offer:

Laboratory tests

  • Adult acute oral toxicity (LD50) 
    OECD 213
  • Adult contact acute toxicity (LD50) 
    OECD 214
  • Adult oral and contact chronic toxicity
    EFSA Guidance Document on the risk assessment of plant protection products on bees, July 2013, OECD 213, OECD 214, Decourtye et al. (2005), Suchail et al. (2001)
  • Brood oral acute toxicity (LD50) 
    OECD 237
  • Brood oral chronic toxicity
    OECD Draft TG (OECD TG 237), Oomen, P.A., De Ruijter, A. & van der Steen, J. (1992) Method for honeybee brood feeding tests with insect growth-regulating insecticides. Bulletin OEPP/EPPO Bulletin 22, 613-616.
  • Residues on foliage 
    OCSPP 850.3030

Semi field Test

  • Honey bee adult test 
    OEPP/EPPO guideline No 170(4), 2010, OEPP/EPPO (2010) Bulletin 40 Efficacy evaluation of plant protection products Side-effects on honeybees, 313–319
  • Honey bee brood test 
    OECD 75

Field Studies

  • OEPP/EPPO guideline No 170 (4), 2010
    OECD 75