ANADIAG Group is one of the leading CROs in Europe and provides a wide range of services for the registration of existing or new Plant Protection Products.

Our group has a European structure with a worldwide business profile. With more than 25 years experience in the agricultural business market, 50 field trial stations all over Europe and in-house regulatory experts and laboratories.

Thanks to our long term partner in the UK, we provide also technical advice and trials services.


Network of Anadiag United Kingdom

  • Efficacy*
  • Selectivity*
  • Carry over trials*
  • Crop failure trials*
  • Residue in crops: Harvest & decline curves studies, Rotational crop studies, Variability studies*
  • Soil studies: Accumulation & dissipation studies, soil treatment studies*
  • General Marketing Services
  • Customized Client Service
  • Demonstration trials
*Performed by our partner    
   Areas of activities  
GEP and GLP Trials are performed on every type of crops.