We manage complex studies in analytical chemistry, physical measurements, environmental fate, residue analysis and methods development under GLP and other accepted industry test protocols.

Our lab facilities are both GLP and located in France.

Our experienced multidisciplinary team can provide analytical solutions to support the registration of agrochemical, chemical and biocides products. Using technologies on the cutting edge of innovation, we are in a position to deploy the most efficient analytical techniques.

More than 40 scientists (PhD, Masters and technician)

  • Broad experience
  • Complementary expertise of the specialists
  • Combined expertise of agronomists and chemists
   ANADIAG in Haguenau (close to Strasbourg)  

Anadiag Laboratories
comprises its wholly owned laboratory of 1000 m² which has been designed according to the various stages of an analysis (freezing chamber, reception zone, extraction/purification laboratory, analysis and data processing).


  • Physical and chemical analysis and tests
  • Residue analysis
  • Chemical synthesis
  • Methods development and validation


Liquid Chromatography

  • LC-Q/TOF
    Preparative waters auto-purification LC system with DAD & ZQ mass spectrometer detector
  • Multiple LC-MS/MS system – AB Sciex 6500, Waters XEVO, Waters QUATTRO PREMIER
  • Preparative HPLC system with DAD & ZQ mass spectrometer
  • Multiple Waters ALLIANCE system – UV, DAD, Fluorescence

Gas Chromatography

  • Multiple Agilent 6890 and 7890 – ECD, NPD, FID
  • Multiple Agilent GC-MSD system – with liquid and head-space samplers
  • GC-MS/MS system – Varian 1200

Ion chromatography

  • Dionex ICS 3000


  • ICP/MS – Agilent 7500
   DEFITRACES in Brindas (close to Lyon)  

Created in 1992, DEFITRACES laboratory entered the ANADIAG Group in 2006. The lab strives to meet the demands of its clients for the development and registration of:


  • Plant Protection Products
  • Biocides
  • Chemical products – REACH
  • CLP
  • Cosmetics
  • Veterinary medicine
  • Safety Data Sheets


  • Physical and chemical analysis and tests 
  • Methods development and validation

Following the guidelines: OECD, CE, EU, CIPAC, SANCO, FAO, OPPTS, SETAC,…


Chromatography – Qualitative & quantitative analyses


Physical / Chemical Specialized equipment – Compliance & Safety of chemicals

  • DVS Turbo (Vapour pressure balance - Effusion Method)
  • Differential Scanning Calorimetry (Thermal stability)
  • Titrator (Karl-Fisher…)
  • Stereopycnometer
  • Laser diffraction granulometry (Particule size distribution)
  • Room and owen for stabilities (accelerated storage, 20°C storage, 25°C/60% HR, 40°C/75% HR, ….)
  • Installation for physical hazards (Flammability, flash point, self-heating, auto-flammability, explosive, oxidising and pyrophoric properties)

Mr Pierre PORTE - Director
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