ANADIAG Group is one of the leading CROs in Europe and provides a wide range of services for the registration of existing or new Plant Protection Products.

Our group has a European structure with a worldwide business profile. With more than 25 years experience in the agricultural business market, 50 field trial stations all over Europe and in-house regulatory experts and laboratories.

ANADIAG HUNGARY, Hungarian subsidiary of ANADIAG Group offers to its customers technical advices and trials services on lots of crops.



1 Headquarters (Komárom)
2 Field Facilities


Mr. Dávid BLASKÓ
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Tel: +36 (0)308 680316
Network of Anadiag Hungary
  • Efficacy
  • Selectivity
  • Carry over trials
  • Crop failure trials
  • Residue in crops: Harvest & decline curves studies, Rotational crop studies, Variability studies
  • Soil studies: Accumulation & dissipation studies, soil treatment studies

  • Demonstration trials
   Areas of activities  

Anadiag Hungary performs GEP and GLP trials on every crops that can be found in Hungary under different climatic conditions. Even special crops can be found in our range.