Anadiag Group Headquarters


ANADIAG Group Headquarters is located in Haguenau-Alsace (North East France). Thanks to its prime location at the heart of Europe (sharing borders with Germany and Switzerland) and well-known for its vineyards, the Alsace is an active part of the French territory.
The secondary location of the headquarters function is in Toulouse (South West France), another major region for vineyards.

More than 70 people are working at the Headquarters Facilities, where the central administrative services of the group are based.

   ANADIAG Group Headquarters – Services  
  • Group management
  • Administrative management
  • Central Quality Assurance Unit
  • Financial, Accountancy department
  • Business development and sales support department
  • Marketing & Communication department
  • IT
  • Human resources
   ANADIAG Group Headquarters – Technical Departments  

Haguenau Facility

  • Phys-Chem and Residue Laboratory
  • GLP European Study management
  • GEP and GLP Field experimentation station
  • Processing and taint tests facilities
  • Sample shipment management center
  • Frozen storage rooms (160m²)
  • Equivalence Dossiers department

Toulouse Facility

  • European GEP Project Management
  • Business Development
  • Consultancy team
  • GEP and GLP Field experimentation station
   ANADIAG Group Business Brand – ANADIAG International  


The initiative behind this brand is to gather our Plant Protection Products registration activities and a dedicated team of our European-based Project Management Team and Expert Services.

Dedicated Group Business Development Managers are able to find the right solution for registration projects and through European Technical Co-ordination to guarantee the most efficient project administration.

This business brand is committed to our consultancy services:

  • European trial program coordination
  • Regulatory services
  • Registration consultancy
  • Marketing services
  • Project management